My name is Aisling and I am a UX Professional. I fell in love with web technologies in the early 2000's, when I found that my passion for technology and art could come together in one place. As a front-end developer using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery, I became increasingly enthralled with having a budding career in web development. To increase my skill set, I studied the Adobe Creative Suite. After gaining a better understanding of both Design and front-end technologies, I ventured back to school to learn server-side languages such as PHP and ASP.net.

During this process, I found a niche I couldn't ignore - user experience. Being an advocate for the user through requirements gathering, stakeholder interviews, the design process and development, became what I was known for. As part of a natural progression, I sought out a UX position and have since taken the opportunity to lead the UX charge in every position I have taken since.

My goal is to continue to learn, lead, and discover in the field, using the wide range of skills I have gathered and will come to obtain through the years.

Looking forward to meeting with you,

Aisling Douglas